Letter from the Head of School

Dear Parent,

The Oregon Virtual Academy (ORVA) is an innovative public charter school that makes it easy for you to be an active participant in your student’s education. ORVA families receive a complete curriculum, lesson planning programs, books and instructional materials, and the support and guidance of state-licensed teachers trained in utilizing the virtual model of schooling to provide a rigorous, individualized education.

ORVA uses the outstanding curriculum from K12 featuring traditional subjects for kindergarten through twelfth grade. Using this innovative learning program, ORVA provides an education that meets state standards, and students demonstrate their knowledge and skills through state standardized tests as well as a variety of course-specific assessments and projects.

Students and families are required to communicate regularly with teachers and other school staff. Our model requires this partnership and believes that together we can maximize student potential. Our secondary program, while more structured, still provides ample opportunity for individualization and support within the curriculum.

Formative assessments are administered at all levels to ensure that each child will be matched to his or her level of proficiency and that they are making adequate progress in their coursework. The secondary school program is paced and requires online class attendance. It is also accredited by NWAC, a division of AdvancEd, which is an internationally recognized organization.

Families are provided with opportunities for face-to-face interaction at various times throughout the year and across the state. While optional, these events provide a great opportunity to meet and interact with other families and for students to develop friendships that complement their virtual school experience.

We at ORVA are proud of our school, and as we continue to build on our successes, meet our challenges head on, and grow as a community united around student success, we believe that it is a great choice for families who are interested in being actively involved in their children's education. We hope to welcome you soon.

Best regards,

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Steve Werlein